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Challenges for the Expansion of Solar Power in Brazil

Atualizado: 20 de set. de 2021

Artigo sobre o potencial de expansão da fonte solar fotovoltaica no Brasil, publicado em setembro de 2016, na ISES Conference Proceedings, renomada publicação da sociedade internacional que estuda e fomenta a fonte de energia solar, no mundo todo.

“Solar power is still not competitive with other sources in Brazil due to its operating cost and to the lack of investments and tax incentives, even though the country has a high incidence of sunlight. There are also challenges regarding to the regulatory model. In order to expand the electric system and not to be totally dependent on large hydroelectric plants, the Brazilian Government needs to develop a policy diversifying its electric matrix and investing in solar, both on large and small scale, as the distributed generation".

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Challenges for the Expansion of Solar Po
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